Hello, I’m Jenné!

jennesmoothie2I created the 21-Day Vegan Blueprint to help you effortlessly reap the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. The program consists of my favorite easy recipes, practical meal plans, cooking videos, audio lessons and community support. It’s everything I wish I had when I first decided adopt a plant-based diet.

It is my mission to take the guess work out of becoming vegan. Whether you’re doing the program as a fun experiment, upgrading your current vegan lifestyle or revamping your entire diet, the Vegan Blueprint makes success inevitable.

More about me:

I’ve helped hundreds of people become vegan!

I am a professional vegan chef  based in NYC

I am an AADP certified holistic health coach

I’ve been blogging & shooting cooking videos for nearly 4 years. My personal blog is www.sweetpotatosoul.com

My main business website is www.thenourishingvegan.com


I LOVE animals. That’s why I became vegan in the first place. Every Friday the 21-Day Vegan Blueprint donates 20% of net proceeds to an animal welfare organization or  sanctuary.

We support the following organizations:

To recommend an animal welfare organization for our weekly donations please email [email protected]